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Practical Tips for Choosing Beverages In Containers

Density of daily activities often make people do not have time to make their own fruit juice drinks. The most practical way to meet the nutritional needs of the fruit is by consuming fruit juice in containers. But not always this way is safe and healthy as bottled beverages often contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, there [...]


12.3.10 | Health

The Dangers of Dehidration

Indoors or outdoors activities have one equation. They both require adequate fluid intake. The experts has long been advocated to drink water at least eight glasses per day, equivalent to two liters. The goal is that your metabolism running properly so that toxins or substances are not good in the body can be wasted through [...]


12.2.10 | Health

Eight People’s Negative Character Should to be Recognized First

Recognizing a person’s character at the beginning of introduction is important. Especially if there is a prospect of continuing in a more serious relationship. However, we often get stuck in a relationship with someone who has ‘negative’ character. They are generally used to complain, irritable, or impatient. In building a healthy relationship we should to [...]


12.2.10 | Psychology

10 Tips to Maintain Body Weight during Pregnancy

10 easy and practical tips to maintain body weight within normal limits and ideal during pregnancy. This tips including how to avoid obesity, health diet for pregnant woman, the important of regular and balance eating pattern.


12.1.10 | Kids and Family