10 Tips to Maintain Body Weight during Pregnancy

To maintain body weight within normal limits and ideal, you may consider these following 10 tips:

1. Weighing every week

After entering a period of stable, that is after “cravings” ends (after entering 16th week), try to regularly weighing at least once a week. Do not forget to note the weight each time. By knowing the tendency of less normal weight gain at early stage, it will facilitate control measures. In addition, it will be useful later after delivery to immediately return to its original weight.

2. As a general benchmark, make an effort in order that weight gain less than 300 g per week

Especially after entering 20th week, weight gain is relatively constant each week. Therefore, if weight gain is more than 500 grams is certainly not normal. For it soon learned back diet or habits that might cause this.

3. Maintain regular and balance eating patterns

Especially after entering stable period, there is a tendency appetite suddenly increases. So that extra effort is needed to control it. Do not let yourself get used to eating snacks constantly. And notice a regular diet, ie eat 3 meals a day regularly at the same time each day. Also note the type of food consumed, is quite varied and not too much of certain species. If it is needed, arrange menu for one week.

4. Eat calmly and well-chewed

Due to the huge appetite there is a tendency to eat quickly and without chewing properly. This resulted in rising blood sugar levels, thus slowing the delivery of the full signal. As a result, satiety already late and overeating. Moreover satisfaction after a meal is not obtained.

5. Avoid meals 3 hours before bedtime

Food consumed a few moments before sleep will be absorbed and stored in the subcutaneous fat, causing obesity.

6. Reduce consumption of sugar, fat and salt

The main causes of excessive weight gain during pregnancy is the result of excessive calorie consumption. For that various fatty foods or sweets should be reduced. Also to be noted in salt intake, because it encourages the consumption of rice as well as the main cause swelling.

7. Record foods consumed each day

Weight control starts from the knowledge of the what and the amount of food consumed each day. By having a small note to the food consumed last week for example, will make you easier to find the cause of abnormal weight.

8. The main causes of obesity: snacks and eating out

Assorted snacks and meals outside of generally high in calories, nutrition is not balanced and high salt content. All of these are the main things that need to be reduced during pregnancy. Certainly not meant to be avoided totally, but need to be combined with food at home in order to obtain a balanced nutrition.

9. Move your body though feels heavy

Do the homework that allows as usual, like sweeping, washing dishes and so forth. Also good to do a walk. Although the body feels heavy with the increasing size of the stomach, does not mean just lying down or sitting alone. As long as there is no prohibition from the doctors, do the movements and activities as usual but still with great caution. In addition to preventing obesity, it also refreshes the body and good to shift gears.

10. Eliminate the presumption should be eating for 2 people

Although pregnant, does not mean have to eat for 2 people. It even tends to potentially cause obesity, and may complicate the delivery process. More than the amount of food, which need to be considered is the quality of food, especially try to consume foods with protein, iron and calcium are high.

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