Easy Way to Lose Weight using Oriental Tea

Recently, a discovery in Japan showed that a type of Chinese tea called Wu Okuma extended tea together with a healthy diet and exercise has revealed that men and women who, on a regular consumption of tea had about two after the results of burning calories these final who drink exactly the same amount of authentic Japanese green tea. Drink this tea Wu Long 15 minutes before eating carbohydrates also helped spike in insulin which is often immediately after eating foods high in carbohydrates. As carbohydrates causes overweight achieve increasing levels of insulin, drinking this tea helps to control fat intake.


Like other teas, Japan’s Shiga University of Healthcare Science found that drinking Wu Long tea daily also dramatically clears up epidermis eczema only in a particular month, and reduced the probability of infections just like the popular cold.

In fact, during the ancient Chinese pharmaceutical book “Bencao Shiyi (The Compendium of Materia Medica), we can say that the tea” will make a single long resident and stay in great shape. ” Tea, especially the oriental tea Wu-Long, who comes from Fujian province have been used by countless generations of women to guide physical melt away excess fat, improve the vitality and even clarify skin, and these discoveries Recent scientists in Japan suggests that it may be possible to drink away unwanted weight and body fat hazardous inches away from your waistline.

Teas are simply a type of normal products to support weight management and fat loss. Having a supplement to support weight loss is just a spit in the fight against excess grease and fat, but it is necessary to have a healthy diet and maintaining an exercise routine at the same time if we want to continue to keep the extra fat and unwanted weight off our bodies. Consequently, the variety of excellent product, obtaining a balanced diet and a routine with fitness and health go a long way to get your weight.

Make Your Eyes Beautiful With Mascara and Eyelashes

Mascara can give your lashes the thickness and length you need with a few strokes of a brush. Simple eyes tips can give you the salon look at home without breaking your budget. Once you see the results for yourself you will be tempted to try the most current trends in mascara and lashes. Here are makeup tips of mascara and eyelashes to create your eyes looks sweet, beautiful, daring and dramatic.

Woman applying mascara on her eyelashes - macro shot

is one of the hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelid. Eyelashes protect the eye from debris and perform some of the same function as whiskers do on a cat or a mouse in the sense that they are sensitive to being touched, thus providing a warning that an object is near the eye. Mascara is a cosmetic used to darken, color, thicken, lengthen, or define eyelashes. Eyelashes are the newest rage and many professionals cater to them specifically. Mascara is the most popular beauty product on the market and the majority of a woman’s beauty regimen is spent coating her lashes with it to make them stand out. In fact, most of the woman’s beauty budget is spent on just eyes. All you have to do is learn the beauty secrets of the professionals and you can do it too.

You will have to decide on the look that is fitting for the occasion. For longer lashes than you have, you will need a Lengthening Mascara, for thicker lashes, you will need a Thickening Mascara, for swimming, crying or getting caught in the rain, you will need a waterproof mascara. For a night on the town you may want to consider a long wearing mascara.

The most basic colors are black, brown and brownish black. Each one of these colors can be worn for a casual look however; several coats of either can create a more dramatic look.

Since a tube of mascara can be replaced most often of your beauty items you want to make it last as long as you can. Avoid pumping the brush to coat it with mascara. Just remove the wand from the tube in one pull and turn it gently inside the tube. Pumping forces air into the mascara, potentially drying it out the formula and introduces bacteria into it.

Starting with the underside of your upper lashes, move the brush slowly upward toward the tips of your lashes. Always hold the wand parallel to your eyelid. Roll the brush slowly on the upward stroke to promote separation of the lashes.

Repeat the above step after the first coat is allowed to dry. For more drama, apply a third and even a fourth coat. Use an eyelash comb to separate the wet lashes. Also blot the lashes with tissue paper if necessary to remove excess mascara.

Apply less mascara for the lower lashes. Begin where the lashes meet the rim of the lower eyelid, and gently stroke downward.

Gently remove any excess mascara from around the eyes with a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of eye makeup remover. Remove your mascara the same way, gently. Avoid any excessive pulling of the lashes when cleaning with eye makeup remover.

So, now you can make your eyes more beautiful with mascara and eyelashes. You can practice this every time at home without needed additional budget to hire professional.

Medical Insurance – A Complete Guide

As we talk before on Types of Health Insurance, we discussed that there are two broad categories of health insurance policies: disability and medical expense. Now we will talk more about medical insurance.

Basic medical expense policies provide for medical expenses that result from accidents and sickness. This is a loose term that refers to various medical, hospital and surgical benefits. The broad category of medical expense coverage provides a wide range of benefits for hospital, surgical and medical care. Other benefits may apply as well, such as private nurses, convalescent care, and more.

Medical plans include fee-for-service wherein doctors and other providers receive a payment that does not exceed their billed charge for service provided. Prepaid plans provide medical or hospital benefits in the form of service rather than dollars.


There are many things should to be considered when selecting a medical expense plan such as:

  • Specified coverage versus comprehensive care. In other words does the plan feature only specific benefits or is the coverage comprehensive?
  • Any provider versus a limited number of providers. Are you required to choose from a specific list of providers?
  • National versus regional operation. Is the plan limited to a specific geographical region or operate nationwide?
  • Insured versus subscribers. Are participants considered insureds (the person who receives the benefit) or subscribers (the person who is paying the premium)?

The broad definition of basic medical expense insurance in most states includes hospital, medical and surgical expenses. The purpose of this type of insurance is to cover a broad range of medical, hospital and surgical expenses as well as separate categories of medical expenses.

The Importance of Car Insurance

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance or also known as auto insurance,vehicle insurance or motor insurance is an insurance purchased for automobile, cars, trucks or other vehicles.

Why we need car insurance?

Car insurance uses to protect losses caused by the result of traffic accident and liability incurred in an accident. To avoid unwanted risks for drivers and vehicles used on the highway, we’d better have car insurance or accident insurance.

What are losses covered by car insurance?

In general, losses covered by car insurance including:

  • Medical payments
  • Physical Damage
  • Property damage and bodily injury
  • Fire, theft or damage caused by natural disasters

Different car insurance policies specify the circumstance under which item is covered. The consumer may be protected with different coverage types depending on what coverage the insured purchases.

Relationship Between Menopause and The Integrity of Marriage and How to Deal with

Menopause is a time when a woman’s menstrual cycle and reproduction cease. Menopause usually occurs at the end of the age of 40 years but its psychological symptoms occur several years before that. When the female hormone levels fluctuate and menstruation become irregular, women begin to feel anxiety, insomnia and depression.


Although not all women experience it. research shows that 10 to 15 percent of menopausal womenexperience increased anxiety, insomnia and depression. Most women assume that early menopause is not just a sign of the end of the ability to have children but also a painful experience and physical feelings.

Changes that occur in women who experience menopause often cause lack of harmony of marriage are osteoporosis, pain in the back and there was thinning of the vaginal wall. This makes intercourse becomes painful. Psychiatrists and doctors agree that in such cases, the role of husband is very important.

To overcome this, the doctors and psychiatrists emphasize the importance of communication between husband and wife to talk about it. Husbands need to learn more about the symptoms of menopause and all that relates to it so that he could better understand the phenomenon experienced by his wife and could understand his wife’s condition.

10 Tips to Maintain Body Weight during Pregnency

To maintain body weight within normal limits and ideal, you may consider these following 10 tips:

1. Weighing every week

After entering a period of stable, that is after “cravings” ends (after entering 16th week), try to regularly weighing at least once a week. Do not forget to note the weight each time. By knowing the tendency of less normal weight gain at early stage, it will facilitate control measures. In addition, it will be useful later after delivery to immediately return to its original weight.

2. As a general benchmark, make an effort in order that weight gain less than 300 g per week

Especially after entering 20th week, weight gain is relatively constant each week. Therefore, if weight gain is more than 500 grams is certainly not normal. For it soon learned back diet or habits that might cause this.

3. Maintain regular and balance eating patterns

Especially after entering stable period, there is a tendency appetite suddenly increases. So that extra effort is needed to control it. Do not let yourself get used to eating snacks constantly.



And notice a regular diet, ie eat 3 meals a day regularly at the same time each day. Also note the type of food consumed, is quite varied and not too much of certain species. If it is needed, arrange menu for one week.

4. Eat calmly and well-chewed

Due to the huge appetite there is a tendency to eat quickly and without chewing properly. This resulted in rising blood sugar levels, thus slowing the delivery of the full signal. As a result, satiety already late and overeating. Moreover satisfaction after a meal is not obtained.

5. Avoid meals 3 hours before bedtime

Food consumed a few moments before sleep will be absorbed and stored in the subcutaneous fat, causing obesity.

6. Reduce consumption of sugar, fat and salt

The main causes of excessive weight gain during pregnancy is the result of excessive calorie consumption. For that various fatty foods or sweets should be reduced. Also to be noted in salt intake, because it encourages the consumption of rice as well as the main cause swelling.

7. Record foods consumed each day

Weight control starts from the knowledge of the what and the amount of food consumed each day. By having a small note to the food consumed last week for example, will make you easier to find the cause of abnormal weight.

8. The main causes of obesity: snacks and eating out

Assorted snacks and meals outside of generally high in calories, nutrition is not balanced and high salt content. All of these are the main things that need to be reduced during pregnancy. Certainly not meant to be avoided totally, but need to be combined with food at home in order to obtain a balanced nutrition.

9. Move your body though feels heavy

Do the homework that allows as usual, like sweeping, washing dishes and so forth. Also good to do a walk. Although the body feels heavy with the increasing size of the stomach, does not mean just lying down or sitting alone. As long as there is no prohibition from the doctors, do the movements and activities as usual but still with great caution. In addition to preventing obesity, it also refreshes the body and good to shift gears.

10. Eliminate the presumption should be eating for 2 people

Although pregnant, does not mean have to eat for 2 people. It even tends to potentially cause obesity, and may complicate the delivery process. More than the amount of food, which need to be considered is the quality of food, especially try to consume foods with protein, iron and calcium are high.

Eight People’s Negative Character should to be Recognized First

Recognizing a person’s character at the beginning of introduction is important. Especially if there is a prospect of continuing in a more serious relationship. However, we often get stuck in a relationship with someone who has ‘negative’ character. They are generally used to complain, irritable, or impatient.


In building a healthy relationship we should to recognize ‘negative’ character of a new relation. Here are some characters of a person which should to be considered at the beginning of introduction and the solution:

1. Maintaining the past

Some people refused to let go of the past and are likely to ‘treat’ painful memories. As a result, these people live with anger and bitterness. If it is continuous, it can influence people around him.

Solution: If they start to bring up the subject of the past, do not hesitate to tell him that you do not want to talk about it.

2. Self-pity

Nothing is more annoying than people who feel the burden of the whole world. Instead of looking for solutions, this type of people continue to self-pity and do not see a way out.

Solution: Offer to help and if it still does not want change, you should stay away from him.

3. Hypocritical

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with people who have the nature of hypocritical. In front of you, he appears the most sweet, but otherwise behave behind you.

Solution: If you catch this happening again and again to others, please stay away. It is not possible he is doing the same thing to you.

4. Always negative thinking

He is the kind of person who always looked at the negatives of their lives.

Solution: Please help to see the positive side of himself. If you do not want to accept, do not let it affect you negatively.

5. Feel the Most perfect

People like this usually feel better and interesting than others. He really enjoyed the activities criticize and laugh at other people.

Solution: Be patient with his behavior. However, if they do not change, it is time to leave.

6. Proud of secret indulgence

They are very proud to tell the scandal in life and happy to involve as many people in the debate.

Solution: It could be you can listen to it. However, if the influence yourself, immediately move away.

7. Frustration

People are always feeling frustrated with their life and take it out on others around him. In fact, they often take an irrational conclusion.

Solution: If he starts planning something crazy, say that it bothers you.

8. The Commentator

People like this comment on everything that happens in the lives of others. Often, their words lead to fights.

Solution: Be careful when being around people and be careful with your words.

Those are some types of ‘negative’ characters of people which should be recognized from the beginning of introduction in order to anticipate and find solutions to move forward, not in order to avoid that kind of person.

How To Choose The Best Car Insurance For Our Needs

Choosing a car insurance company that suits your needs and budget is not easy. Many things must be considered among which the quality of the service provider car insurance company, losses covered by insurance, the amount of funds that must be paid to purchase such insurance, the ease for insurance claims and so forth. Therefore, to find the best insurance company and is best suited to our needs needs to research both online and offline.

The best way to compare insurance companies is to compare quotes from several insurance companies. After we gather quotes from the company, we can begin to compare these quotes to find the best price offered.

After getting some of the best insurance companies with insurance quotes compare them, we can begin to compare the details of the insurance offered for example ease of claims, losses covered, policies, rating structure, discounts, special offers, the area covered by insurance companies and others.

Another thing to consider in selecting an insurance company is rating of the insurance company. This rating is important in relation to corporate reputation, corporate financial stability, the credibility of the company, consumer confidence and so forth.

After doing research on insurance quotes, insurance company details, and rating, it’s good we are also doing research about the impression the consumer, the consumer experience, reviews both offline and online by reading consumer reviews on various forums or personal blog.

By using the methods above to select the best insurance company, it is hoped we can get the insurance company and type of insurance that best suit our needs and minimize our chances to get caught up in the scam.

Types of Health Insurance

Health insurance is a legal contract between two or more parties that promises certain performance in exchange for considerations. A health insurance policy is considered a unilateral contract. This is because only one party (the insurer) is required to fulfill their obligation. While a policy owner may decide to terminate premium payments, as long as the payments are paid the insurer must meet their responsibility under the contract.


Health insurance can provide one or any combination of certain benefits, including:

  • Hospital, medical and surgical expenses resulting from sickness or an accident,
  • Accidental death or dismemberment,
  • Disability resulting from accident or sickness. This can also be referred to as “loss of income” or “loss of time”

An accident is an injury that occurs accidentally. A sickness is an illness or disease that is not the result of an accident. Knowing the difference is important because policies may have different provisions that apply to accidents or sickness. There are some companies that sell a separate accident policy that does not include sickness.

The terms accident and sickness are widely used and often interchangeable in any discussion of health insurance. Health insurance is also referred to as medical insurance.

Health insurance is designed to protect again two types of economic loss. Loss of income and expenses for medical care which places them in either of two broad policy categories:

  • Disability income policies
  • Medical expense policies

Keep in mind that any discussion of this type of health insurance policy also applies to any type of policy that includes accidental coverage not just accident specific policies.

The Power of Love can Eliminate Pain

Love does not only affect the inner of person. Research prove that love can heal physical pain. The term ‘love can conquer all’ might have a point. Not only the emotional effect that is obtained when someone is falling in love, but also physical endurance is incredible.


Hundreds of people asked to become the object of research. Their palms are heated up to high heat levels.At the same time, they were also asked to see photos of loved ones. Interestingly, when the object of the study was to see photos of their loved ones, burning sensation that they feel more and more reduced.

The researchers concluded that the feeling of love can function like a pain-reducing medication or analgesic.Her love will stimulate the brain to reduce the sensor area to feel the pain. Not only that, the love is also to stimulate the production of hormones opamin, which can induce pleasure and positive mood.